Welcome to my Chess Tutoring page!

As an educator, I’ve always enjoyed teaching chess because the skills that help us to succeed over the chess board (patience, timing, awareness, determination, calculation, planning, stamina, sportsmanship, etc…), these same skills can also help us to be successful in life.

I hold the USCF CM Title and I am also a former US National Amateur Team Chess Champion.  Additionally, I’ve competed in over 100 competitive chess tournaments and I am currently rated USCF 2187 which ranks in the top 100 active players in my home state of Florida, USA.  My most memorable professional chess experience to date was playing on the winning USAT National Champions Team “Armegeddon Your Pieces” in 2011 and going 2-0 in the internet playoffs clinching 1st Place ahead of over 600 competing teams vying for this coveted title.

I’m a patient chess coach with a broad chess opening repertoire, a player with a deep positional understanding, an endgame specialist, and I also excel in both attacking and defensive/prophylaxis chess play.  Among my favorite professional chess players are Tigran Petrosian, Anatoly Karpov, Alexey Dreev, Vladimir Kramnik, Pentala Harikrishna, Hikaru Nakamura, Daniel King, Fabiano Caruana, and many more!

I offer face-to-face chess instruction in Taipei, Taiwan for all ages and skill levels below the FIDE 2000 level as well as online instruction using Google Meet software in conjunction with the rich coaching features in chess.com. Wuhan Corona Virus Pandemic (COVID-19) UPDATE: I am currently offering online instruction via Google Meet software + chess.com as well as face-to-face instruction in Taipei, Taiwan when the pandemic subsides.  My chess.com handle is chesscoachtaipei.  Online lessons feature interactive analysis boards, video/audio, screen-sharing, and many other rich features which makes this mode perfect for your chess study no matter where in the world you are located. When this pandemic subsides, for more traditional face-to-face instruction in Taipei out in public or at your home, ask for a quote. So whether you are an absolute beginner and you’d just like to learn the basics of chess or you are a tournament player and strive to improve your chess skills to the Master level, I can expertly guide you towards achieving your goals.

Contact me so that we may discuss what services I can offer you or your child.

Sincerely, CM Jeremy Mandelkern

 Chess Tutoring Pricing by the Hour (Pricing given in NTD)

(Payment accepted through Bank Transfer, or PayPal.  For NTD price, Multiply by 30 for approximate NTD equivalent. If applicable, for face-to-face lessons in Taipei at your home or a designated venue, an add-on will be assessed in your quote for my transportation costs and transportation time.)

Lesson Format

Hourly Rate

First 1-hour Class:

$27.5 USD (A 50% Discount)

Face-to-Face Individual Lesson:

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Face-to-Face Group Lesson (2-3 Students):

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Online Lesson through chess.com:

$55 USD

Package of 5 Face-to-Face Lessons:

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Package of 5 Online Lessons:

$261.25 (A 5% Discount)

Package of 10 Face-to-Face Lessons:

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Package of 10 Online Lessons:

$495 USD (A 10% Discount)

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