Welcome to my Mathematics Tutoring page! I hold a Doctorate Degree in Applied Mathematics and I am also a published Mathematics Researcher and Author. I offer face-to-face general Mathematics Tutoring as well as Test Preparation for Standardized Tests such as:

R.  International School Entrance Exams

1. SAT

2. ACT



5. GRE General

6. GRE Subject Mathematics Tests

7. Masters/Doctoral thesis guidance

Wuhan Corona Virus Pandemic (COVID-19) UPDATE: I offer online instruction using Google Meet software with video, audio, screen-sharing, digital whiteboards, and other rich features that can make this format perfect for the digital learner no matter where in the world you reside. When the pandemic subsides, I can also offer face-to-face instruction in Taipei, Taiwan. For face-to-face instruction out in public or at your home in Taipei, ask for a quote. Instruction is in English. I have 15+ yrs teaching experience in:

Arithmetic, Intermediate Algebra, College Algebra, Math for Liberal Arts, Precalculus, Geometry, Business Calculus, Calculus I, II, and III, Advanced Calculus, Statistics, Business Statistics, Linear Algebra, Differential Equations, Boundary Value Problems, Real & Complex Analysis, Special Functions Theory, Mathematical Physics, and more!

Whether it’s mastering arithmetic to implementing advanced mathematical theorems in proof, let’s attack your mathematics problems together!

Contact me so that we may discuss what services I can offer you or your child.

Sincerely, Dr. Jeremy Mandelkern


Mathematics Tutoring Pricing by the Hour

(Payment accepted through Bank Transfer, or PayPal. For NTD price, Multiply by 30 for approximate NTD equivalent. If applicable, in the event of face-to-face lessons in Taipei at your home or at a designated venue, an add-on will be assessed in your quote for my transportation costs and transportation time.)

Lesson Format

Hourly Rate

Online Mathematics Lessons:

$75 USD

Face-to-Face Individual Lesson:

Ask for a Quote

Group Lesson Online (2-3 Students):

$75 USD + $20 USD per each additional student

Package of 5 Online Lessons:

$356 USD (A 5% Discount)

Package of 10 Online Lessons:

$675 USD (A 10% Discount)

Calculus Worksheets – You can check out the Dr.M Youtube Channel for annotated video solutions to these worksheets https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtB0eYeUyTSM3EIY8Hrw1uQ .

1.  Worksheet #1 Limit Notation

2.  Worksheet #2 Computing Limits

3.  Worksheet #3 Continuity

4.  Worksheet #4 Limits at Infinity

5.  Worksheet #5 Rates of Change

6.  Worksheet #6 Definition of the Derivative

7.  Worksheet #7 Derivatives of Polynomials and Exponential Functions

8.  Worksheet #8 The Product and Quotient Rules

9.  Worksheet #9 Derivatives of Trigonometric Functions

10.  Worksheet #10 The Chain Rule

11.  Worksheet #11 Implicit Differentiation

12.  Worksheet #12 Derivatives of Inverse Trigonometric Functions

13.  Worksheet #13 Derivatives of Logarithmic Functions

14.  Worksheet #14 Linear Motion

15.  Worksheet #15 Exponential Growth and Decay

16.  Worksheet #16 Related Rates

17.  Worksheet #17 Hyperbolic Trigonometric Functions

18.  Worksheet #18 Finding Absolute Maxima and Minima

19.  Worksheet #19 Rolle’s Theorem and the Mean Value Theorem

20.  Worksheet #20 L’Hôpital’s Rule for Indeterminate Forms I

21.  Worksheet #21 L’Hôpital’s Rule for Indeterminate Forms II

22a.  Worksheet #22a Derivatives and Graphs I

22b.  Worksheet #22b Derivatives and Graphs II

23.  Worksheet #23 Graphing Rational Functions

24.  Worksheet #24 Applied Optimization

25.  Worksheet #25 Graphing with Calculus and Calculators

26.  Worksheet #26 Newton’s Method

27.  Worksheet #27 Antiderivatives

28.  Worksheet #28 The Area Problem

29.  Worksheet #29 Sigma Notation and The Limit Definition of the Definite Integral

30.  Worksheet #30 The Limit of a Sum and the Definite Integral

31.  Worksheet #31 The Fundamental Theorem of Calculus

32.  Worksheet #32 Indefinite Integrals

33.  Worksheet #33 The Substitution Rule

34.  Worksheet #34 Sequences

35.  Worksheet #35 Improper Integrals I

36.  Worksheet #36 Improper Integrals II

37.  Worksheet #37 Infinite Series

38.  Worksheet #38 Taylor and Maclaurin Power Series

39.  Worksheet #39 Radius of Convergence of a Power Series

40.  Worksheet #40 Integral Test for Convergence of an Infinite Series

41.  Worksheet #41 Comparison Tests

42.  Worksheet #42 Alternating Series Test and the Ratio Test for Absolute Convergence

43.  Worksheet #43 Absolute/Conditional Convergence The Ratio and Root Tests for Absolute Convergence

44.  Worksheet #44 Parametric Equations I

45.  Worksheet #45 Parametric Equations II