I am a Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics and a researcher in mathematics. I have also published papers in mathematics journals. In addition to teaching various math courses, I can also assist you in preparing for various American math exams;

R.  International School Entrance Exams

1. SAT

2. ACT



5. GRE General

6. GRE subject Mathematics

7. Master, Doctoral Dissertation guidance

The teaching is mainly in English. (Prepare your experience in the United States in advance). Let me assist you or your children in all kinds of annoying mathematics problem.

 Price List for Math Teaching Hours

(We will evaluate the course transportation cost and transportation time for your home or designated venue as a small attachment.)

course Hour price
Online Format NT$ 1500
1 to 1 course/1 hour NT$ 1600
2-3 students (group class): NT $1600 + NT $300 (for each additional student)
1 prepaid 5 lessons (1 to 1): NT$ 7600 (5% off)
Prepaid 10 lessons per time (1 to 1): NT $14,400 (10% off)

1. Math Exercise 01